Find flats/PG in Noida (2023)


People coming to Noida or NCR for job find it tough and exhausting to find a proper accommodation that may be a flat or room or PG or large home for a family. 

They often get lured by unsolicited people and brokers which charges them disproportionately.


Recently, a friend of mine came to Noida to shift here and to start her job. Although I already live in Noida but still I felt it tough to find good accommodation for her.

I will share exact places where you can find flats/rooms/PG for rent in Noida in some of the locations that I had searched for my new friend.

1 – PG near Sec 56 Noida:

Sector 56 Noida is a gated sector so, it is safe and have good environment, parks etc, to find accommodation there you will have to roam in the streets, better if you have a bike, you may find ToLet board outside houses there. Mostly you will find PG there. Charges around 6-8k per month.

2- PG Near sec 62 Noida metro station:

This is one of the hub for PG here. Rate around 6-8k per month.

Find PG in these lanes as shown in map.

8- Flats near sector 62

You can try sectors like 121, 122. Rent around 18k, high rent in these sectors are because of  their less distance from sec 62.

Besides you can try areas in Ghaziabad like Indrapuram, Raj Nagar, Vasundhra. These places are also near to sector 62, 63. Rents here are less compared to Noida. Rent around 12-14k for 2bhk. Prefer these places if you have your own vehicle.

3 – Flats Nearby sec 62 metro station on main road:

It tough to find flats on main road of sec 62, but still you can find a few which charges you around 18k/month for a flat, where 3 people can live easily. To connect with owners, you may try to talk to the society guards there, or try online.

4- PG near sector 59 metro station Noida:

Here, you can find lots of PG in Mamura area, as shown in map.

5 – Flat, Rooms, 1BHK in New Ashok Nagar:

New Ashok Nagar has lots of rough crowd, so many people doesn’t consider it a good place for living, but you can find good areas as well there, good areas are B block which is just near metro station, rent around 10k for 1bhk. Rest areas like C, D blocks have high density but still you can find a room or 1RK flat in around 7-10k there.

Decent apartments in New Ashok Nagar are Eastend & Nagarjuna apartment, rent around 20k/month for a 2bhk. As shown in map.

You can prefer these places if your office is in sector 15,16 Noida. Good thing is you can find sharing auto very easily from New Ashok Nagar area to Noida sec 15, 16,18 etc.