How to fix camera vibration or shacky camera issue in any mobile phone


Mobile camera starts vibrating or shacking when you switch on the camera for picture or video, due to which picture get blurred. You might also be able to hear light-sound from camera.



In spite of going to service center if you want to solve it at home, you can apply this trick.

You need to stick a small magnet (preferably the size of a camera) on backside of mobile just opposite to the vibrating camera as shown below.

Use a very good chemical to stick the camera like Fevi-quick or any of your trusted product, put the chemical only on the camera and the required part of the phone. 

First stick the magnet temporarily, then check for the right position by opening the camera and fix the magnet where the vibration is zero.

You should get a real magnet if you want to have it sticked for longer time, I had grabbed the magnet from the speaker from an earphone.

Happy hacking 🙂 

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