13 facts to know before buying a flat in any society of Delhi NCR


At the time of buying flats, builders or their agents will tell you only good things about living in the society but after living in a society after 3 years, I have something more important to share.
These are must know facts or you can say downsides for anyone who is planning to buy or rent a flat in Noida/Delhi/Gurgaon or any society in general.

These lucrative looking societies can be painful if you don’t discuss and clarify these facts with builder before buying.

I will share actual bill and details for a 2.5bhk flat of size around 1130 sqft in a so called good housing society of Noida extension. 


13 Facts

1 – Maintenance charge – 3-5k per month + 18% GST

2 -It includes DG charge extra per month, although you have paid for power backup (Rs 20000) but still you will have to pay for the DG charge per month.

 Electricity bill of common area, it was around Rs 450 per month + GST, its half of the electricity bill of a my flat per month. Sharing the bill for clarity.

– Recently govt has announced that in NCR builder have to change the DG from diesel to dual(diesel + PNG) on pollution ground. 

So builders instead of paying from their side as they are taking maintenance charge + already taken power backup charge Rs 20000 and other charges related to DG set, they are still forcing residents to pay for the dual DG set, the total amount they said is Rs 20 lakh without any proof or bill.

 4 -If you are not at home and if a courier arrives for you, guards or maintenance will refuse to keep your parcel, it will be returned to the sender.

– You will not have any space for car parking for your guest, guest will have park outside and will have to come inside from there walking and carrying their suitcases.

6 – There is no any extra space for bike parking you will have to adjust your bike in your car parking space, if your bike/car is found parked in any other area they will lock it and to get that free you will have to pay Rs 500 as fine.

7 -If you order food at night after 11, the delivery guy will not be allowed inside the society, you will have to go to the main gate your-self to collect your food parcel.

– Maintenance charge can be increased anytime without discussion with residents.

– They also paste the names & flat number of people in tower hall and lifts who has not paid the maintenance bill till the due date decided by them, its simply insulting those people, there’s a penalty also if you remove that poster.

10 – There’s 12% interest charge on maintenance from the due date.

11 – There’s a small gym in society, which was part of the Club that you already paid in the beginning, but still to use the gym you will have to pay around Rs 800 per month per person.

12 – There’s a swimming pool in the society, which was supposed to be part of the society, but still to use the swimming pool you will have to pay around Rs 1000 per month per person + 18% GST, or 2000 + 18% GST for a family of 4.

13 – Its not only that, even after buying the family pack, if your friends or relatives’ kid comes to your society and he wants to enjoy swimming pool then you will have to pay extra for that.


Preciously, they will put all their efforts to snatch money from you while you are in the society, you will feel like you are living in a paid jail.

On top of all these downsides, the maintenance manager will talk to residents like a jailor and he is the chowkidar. Attitude of maintenance managers are really unacceptable, even though we pay the maintenance charge and they use that money to make their profit and living. 

These maintenance guys are skilled to overcome the voice of residents and will do whatever they can to snatch money from residents. Builders will always take side of these maintenance guys as they also get monthly profit cut from our paid maintenance.


9 thoughts on “13 facts to know before buying a flat in any society of Delhi NCR

  1. We are living in S****** **e (society name hidden), Sector 1, Greater Noida west and we are facing all these issues exactly same like you mentioned and management are not taking these issue seriously.

  2. We are S****** **e (society name hidden) sector 1 Greater Noida West facing similar issues where the builder and maintenance team are looting the residents with heavy charges forcibly and top of that behavior is not respectful at all. There is no discussion with residents prior to raise charges nor any townhall to hear the issues of the people living in the society.

  3. Exactly same situation in S****** **e (society name hidden), seems someone open his heart hear. Hope this voice shall reach to management for positive action. So far there is no dialogue between residents and (society name hidden) Mgmt.

  4. Rightly said…i m residents of this society. And this is paid jail. I dare to name this society, S****** **e (society name hidden) sector-1 greater Noida West.
    It has been three years, we have been asking builder to meet with residents, but he is so adamant that he never comes to society and we r still struggling.
    One more bad thing about resident that we don’t have unity to fight against builder. There are many greedy and snake in sleeves kind of guys here, who breaks your unity.

  5. I totally agree to what has been told in this article. I am a resident of S****** **e (society name hidden) society which is in Greater Noida West sector 1 in Bisrakh. This is a comparatively new built society which was handed over in 2020. The power backup issue in regard to the DG conversion raised in this article is the most painful issue these days. It is an absolutely appalling. The second shout out according to me is the behavior of the facility manager who is an employee of (Maintenance company name hidden). This company is the sister company of S****** **e (society name hidden). The other issues highlighted in the article are also valid.

  6. I lived in a (society name hidden) sector -1, Greater Noida West, and we having exactly similar issue as mentioned and no action taken by S****** **e (society name hidden) management and facilities.

  7. Seems all the problems we are facing in S****** **e, Sector 1 Greater Noida West is the story for others as well

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