BING – Search to earn | How I earned Flipkart coupon just by using Bing

How I earned Flipkart coupons just by searching on Bing?

After several modifications on its algorithm and integration with the powerful Chat GPT Bing has now decided to do some promotion of its engine now.

For that, Bing is currently running a promotion where it’s providing different kind of coupons like Flipkart, Shopperstop, Bookmyshow coupons to people who are regular user of Bing. It works by tracking your Bing uses and different activities you do on Bing to get you different value of points, after you accumulate a significant number of points you can redeem it on the redeem catalog page of Bing rewards.

For Flipkart coupon, just use Bing engine to search your queries instead of Google, you will need 160 points to get a Flipkart coupon.

Generally, it takes 1 week to earn 160 points or in other words Rs 100 coupon. You can you earn 90 points in a day also.

There are other rewards also which we can get. More details are on Microsoft Rewards ( 

Some of other rewards are:

But first you have to sign up on Bing from your Microsoft account like domain.

After sign up you will see your dashboard where can see how much points you have earned so far, you can also see the break up of points.

So keep searching and tracking your points and redeem as soon as you got the points for your favorite coupon 🙂

Also share your achievements in the comment box 🙂


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