How I saved ₹20000 on Singapore trip using Niyo GlobaCard


Many people end up spending more than estimate because of using forex card, especially on a first foreign trip.


I will discuss about Singapore trip, where & how we saved money using the Niyo Global card. Basically, at every point where you need money we can save significantly. Let’s see how:

Assuming a 4-day trip to Singapore (4 adults) where you would cover most of the attractions. I will be sharing details of trip covering each probable expenditure.

Before landing, you will need a forex card which you can use in Singapore or any other country for that matter to transact as we do in our country. Because:

If we use credit card, we have to pay around 5-7% on transactions.

If we use our Indian debit card, we will have to pay the currency conversion charge on each transaction.

Charge of buying a forex card is around 1000, plus you will have to load the card with minimum Rs 30000 upfront.

If we load the forex card with around Rs 50000 and bring it back to our country and redeem the remaining money (say Rs 20000) we will have to pay the charge Rs 1000.

For 2 cards total around Rs 2000

Using Niyo card:

  • There will not be any such charge.
  • you can have UPI transaction just like any other bank.
  • we can add Niyo account in Google pay etc as well.
  • You get 5% interest rate on the balance amount.


Day 1 (early morning): You have just arrived in Singapore, now you would need a metro card, its card MRT in Singapore and a sim.

Where to buy MRT and SIM?

We had bought MRT + SIM combo from airport which we had booked from Klook website, cost around Rs 1400, but it turned out to be a wrong decision for us.

Sim (Singtel) which had only data balance was not working around 70% time & there was no call balance. Better would be activate a 1-week international roaming pack on your sim which cost around Rs 700.

MRT card had validity of only 3 days, so on the 4th day we had to buy a new MRT card using 10 SGD, which they only wanted in cash. 

Good thing is using Niyo card we could withdraw money from ATM there without currency conversion charge, but not all the ATMs were free, most of them were asking extra dollar even with Niyo card, but finally we got the solution, read more to know How to withdraw money with zero extra charges using Niyo card in Singapore.

Besides, you should keep some cash around 100 SGD, you will need at local shop and stores.


Day 1 (reach minimum 11am) – Book ticket of Gardens by the Bay combo pack which is:

COMBO: Gardens by the Bay – Avatar: The Experience at Cloud Forest + Flower Dome + Floral Fantasy (Non-Singapore Residents)

It’s around 230 MYR (Malaysian Ringgiton Pelago/ Klook. You should check which currency is having less value MYR or SG$ because at payment page we get option to choose the currency.

If you will pay using your Indian card you will be paying around Rs 500 per ticket.

Total you saved around Rs 2000 using the Niyo global card.

Try using Pelago website, it gives additional 10% (Sep-22) for the first-time user.

Day 1 (evening) – Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck:

It’s just adjacent to the Gardens by the Bay.

Tickets – MYR 65 on Pelago.

Save around Rs1000 for 4 people.

Eating at Skypark – Save around Rs 2000

Day 2(10am) – Universal Studios Singapore – A must go place, try to reach here asap.

MYR – Rs 175 on Pelago

Save around Rs 1500 on 4 people

Day 2(evening) – Just rest 🙂

Day 3 (11am) – S.E.A. Aquarium.

It’s just adjacent to the Universal Studios, but you won’t be able to visit here on same day.

Tickets – MYR 129 on Pelago Tickets, but don’t buy online ticket as there are not as such rush. We got offer there as well and saved around Rs 2000 on 4 people transaction

Day 3 (evening) – Eating/drinking out – Save around Rs 3000 using Niyo card

Day 4 (11am)– Art n science museum – MYR 41 on Pelago, but you won’t need to buy ticket online as there are not such rush, we went there any got to get an ongoing offer, ticket cost got halved. We saved there around Rs 1000 on 4 people.

Day 4(evening, last day) – Little India- A place where you can get Indian feel and food. Nothing much to save here 🙂

Day 4 (late night) – Party – Save around Rs 2000 using Niyo card

Day 5(11am) – Return to home 🙂 

Enjoy free lounge access at airport via Niyo card and save around Rs 2000 again.

So overall how much you saved? 

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored by Niyo/Pelago/Klook or anyone.

This beautiful pic at the end is just to remind how beautiful Singapore is.

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