How to boost confidence in a new programmer in a team environment


Many freshers and new programmers find it tough to work in a team environment. 

The paradox of getting recognized and doubting oneself at the same time is the innate characteristic of humans. I want to or I have to and what if always cohabit but the right shove in the right direction is needed to stop people from going awry.


Here are few tips which works in fostering confidence among new team members.

1 – A simple thing which boosts confidence like nothing is code check-in.

We should give them tiny tasks and make them check-in/push their code in the system, it boosts the confidence of any new member like nothing else. Ability to make some change in system bring lots of confidence.


2 – Talk in their language. Members might be from a different area/language, so we should try to talk in their language, it makes them feel comfortable a lot.


3- Give them idea of what the team is trying to accomplish, if you are making a rocket then which part of that rocket the member has to work on.


4 – Give them pictures of the desired output, it helps them understand what the team is trying to accomplish better.


5 – Provide them a go-to document related to the project, which should have getting-started with project steps, general trouble-shooting steps etc.

These few tips really work for everyone.


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